Dishes Come Out Dirty

One cause of panic in the kitchen is when you have dishes come out of dishwasher dirty. It’s important that you can rely on your dishwasher to take care of dirty dishes for you.

For a busy person like you, a malfunctioning dishwasher means piles of unsightly and unsanitary soiled, sticky plates and cutlery you don’t have time or strength to deal with.

It’s a good thing that you can remedy this problem. What’s even better is that you avoid this type of problem by properly maintaining the condition of your dishwasher.

Benefits of Service

  • Longer dishwasher life – Monitoring the condition of your dishwasher will prolong the life of your kitchen appliance.
  • Lesser maintenance costs – Resolving issues promptly often results in cheaper repair costs compared with waiting for problems to worsen. That will always lead to more expensive repair costs for you.
  • Good overall health – Having to re-use improperly washed dishes may lead to different types of illnesses like food poisoning or other bacterial causes of diseases. Avoid this by regularly scheduling service on your dishwasher.

The next time dishes come out of dishwasher dirty, don’t panic yet. Here are some ways to inspect the cause and hopefully solve the problem yourself.

Overpacking the Dishwasher

When you have guests for dinner or if you’re having a party, dirty dishes can pile up easily. Pretty soon, you’ll have lots of dirty plates, glasses, and utensils all lining up for dishwashing.

Don’t cramp them all up to load in your dishwasher all at once. You may think you’re saving time but that’s not true. When they don’t wash up properly, you’ll have to redo dishwashing most, if not all, of them.

Not Enough Soap

The dishwasher can’t give your dishes a good clean if there’s not enough soap. Check your measurements. Make sure the proportion of soap meets the number of soiled dishes that you’re going to wash.

Lastly, check that the dispenser is discharging soap properly. Clean clogged parts. Degrease with a cleaner if there is grease or residue buildup. More importantly, replace broken dispenser springs or doors.