Dishwasher smells bad

It’s no good to wash your dishes when the dishwasher smells bad. The foul odor will transfer to your dishes and what good is that if you have a bad-smelling plate, glass, or spoon and fork? No one wants to use smelly dinnerware.

That’s why it’s important to have routine checks and service for your dishwasher. This helps you to avoid problems.

Benefits of Service

  • Longer performance – You can expect more years from your dishwasher if you take care of it well.
  • Better performance – You can be sure of a good clean on your soiled dishes if your dishwasher is in good shape.
  • Health support – A clean dishwasher supports good health for your family. Cleanliness is essential to wellness.

The next time your dishwasher smells bad, don’t load your soiled dinnerware in yet. Here are some reasons for the bad smell along with solutions you can apply before using your kitchen appliance.

Hard Water Odor

You may be using well water or your area of residence may have hard water conditions. In these situations, you need to use a water softener or filter. These types of equipment can remove the bad smell that comes from your tap water.

What’s causing the bad smell? Sulfur or organic matter may be causing the foul odor. A water softener or water filter will remove sulfuric content and organic particles that are making your water smell bad. These make your tap water pass through softening or filtration stages to remove impurities in your house water.

Food Particles

Your dishwasher repair comes with a drain filter. It doesn’t allow food particles to pass through. This ensures that your dishwasher doesn’t get clogged with food debris. Check the drain filter before loading up your soiled dishes into the dishwasher. Scoop out any leftover debris and food particles.

You can also take it out and give it a good wash. Use a soft brush or scrub to remove any grime. Reinsert then operate your dishwasher as usual. You can avoid too many leftover particles in the dishwasher by rinsing your soiled dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.